After you log in,
Step 1 : Click on "Add Pipe" which is on the top right corner,
Step 2 : then Click on "Create" below Facebook Campaign,
Step 3 : then Click on "Connect to a Facebook Account" and connect your Facebook account for which you want to sync your Facebook Campaign for, or else if you have already connected an account before, you can select that.
Step 4 :  Select the Ad Account through which you are running the Facebook Ad, then choose a Campaign which you want to sync with Leadzpipe, then you can set MONITORS. [ Set up monitors of the Parameters which are the most important for your Facebook Campaign and get notified in Real Time on Email ]
[For eg : You can Sync your Facebook Ad Campaigns and monitor Video Views, Leads, CPC, CPL or Total Spent per day, per week, by campaign etc.] in the next step if your want to set some TRIGGERS click on the toggle button and set TRIGGERS and set it. [So add some triggers based upon your Campaign Goal and Get Triggers on Email when your Ad under performs or over performs, the best part is you can set triggers on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis].

PS : You can set the time for the Emails of Monitors and Triggers

Step 5 : Select a recipient to whom you want to send the Emails of Monitors and Triggers on Real Time basis. [ Here if you have added a user, you can select his name or else you can simply type an email id of the person to whom you want to send those emails.]. Lastly give your Campaign a Unique Name [for eg : Facebook Campaign 1] and now click on "Finish" and there you go! It was the final step, Now the Campaign Data will start syncing into your system and you will start receiving emails of the data points you have mentioned.😍

Why don't you start syncing your Facebook Ad Campaign and be a Digital Hero!😎

We hope that you understood the easy-peasy process of creating a pipe for Facebook Ad Campaign in Leadzpipe through the video or the steps mentioned above. But still if you are facing any difficulty in creating it😓 Please ping us on the Live Chat or Email us. We are always happy to help you😄

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