Lead Recipient will receive all the Leads in their Email on real time basis with all the fields which are asked in the form. Additionally, the recipient will get to know the total count of Leads in that email itself! So say bye-bye to the complicated Facebook Ads Panel which you had to login now and then just to check the total count of Leads.👋

Now,lets see how to add a Lead Recipient.There are two ways to add Lead Recipient.

The first method to do it 👇

And the second method goes like this 👇

After adding a Lead Recipient through the second method, you can create a pipe and under "LEAD RECIPIENTS" box you will find the NAME of the RECIPIENT which you have added.

Why don't you try and create a Lead Recipient? 🤔

If you still need any help, Please feel free to message us on the Live Chat or else you can also Email us😊.We are always happy to help you😄

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