Yes, you can import all your previous Leads!!! You can see the steps below to see how to import leads 👇

NOTE : Before importing Leads, you need to download this template which you need to follow, or else the upload will fail. 

So lets begin,

Step 1 : After you login, click on the "HAMBURGER" icon. (You can refer the image below).

Step 2 : Now click on "LEADS" 

Step 4 : Now click on "IMPORT "

Step 5 : Choose a file from your desktop and click on "IMPORT" and yeah its done.

Yes seriously! it was that easy! Why don't you do import your past leads and get the Lead Demographics and optimize your Facebook Campaign!

If you still need any help, Please feel free to message us on the Live Chat or else you can also Email us😊.We are always happy to help you😄

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