How to Connect LeadzPipe to HubSpot

Many customers use HubSpot to manage sales and marketing automation and maintain contact records. With our pipe integration, you can send leads and sales data captured from Facebook ads, Hosted webforms to your HubSpot account!

This doc will cover

  • Setting up the connection
  • Functionalities of the integration

Setting up the HubSpot integration

Login to LeadzPipe > Pipes > Create Pipe - Direct Link

For a quick setup example, we will integrate the Facebook lead form as a source.

Choose a platform as the source for lead sync and follow on-screen instructions

Click On "Connect a Facebook Account" to add your Facebook account

Select a Facebook page from where you want to sync your leads

Map your facebook form field with leadzpipe and click next

Choose HubSpot as the destination and click "connect an account"

Follow the OAuth procedure and login into your HubSpot account

Choose an account from drop-down and map fields with HubSpot

Click Test Connection for testing test lead

Click on "next"

Add recipients and an email template for the welcome email if you want

HubSpot Integration Functionalities

Hereโ€™s what the integration will do for youโ€ฆ

  • All new leads added into LeadzPipe, from the source you have connected the integration, will be automatically synced into HubSpot's database as soon as the lead has an email. 
  • If you have changed lead status in LeadzPipe same will be reflected in real-time on HubSpot.
  • We also run two-way sync between LeadzPipe and HubSpot for contact sync.