Learn: How to add a lead recipient

You can add multiple lead recipients to which leads, with all the details will be sent in real-time. There are two methods to add lead recipients-

Method A: Creating a new pipe

Step 1: Log in to Leadzpipe.

Step 2: Click 'Create Pipe' in the top right corner.

Step 3: Click the 'Create' button under Facebook Lead form to set up lead sync.

Step 4: Click 'Connect a Facebook Account' to connect the Facebook account from which you are running your lead generation campaigns.

Step 5: Select the Page through which you are running the Lead Generation Ad, then choose a Form that is attached to that ad and lastly give your pipe a unique name. [ For eg: Facebook Lead Form 1}

Step 6: Check if your Facebook Lead Form fields match Leadzpipe fields. Here, you can set a custom field name for the leads which will be synced to Leadzpipe.

Step 7: Select a tag or create a new one for the leads that will be synced through this pipe.

After selecting a tag, you'll need to name the pipe. A pipe name should ideally be the campaign name.

Step 8: Select the lead destination. Leads will be synced to Leadzpipe's own Excel-like CRM by default and if you are using any CRM you can select it from the list to make it a lead destination.

Step 9: Select the lead recipients. Here, you can add multiple email ids to which the leads will be sent in real-time. 

Method B: Editing an existing pipe

Step 1: Click 'Pipes'

Step 2: Now, click 'My Pipes'

Step 3: Click the 'Edit' button

Step 4: After clicking edit, you have to click Next -> Next. Now you'll get the screen to add lead recipients. And after adding as many lead recipients as you desire, click 'Finish'

We hope that you understood the easy-peasy process of adding lead recipients in Leadzpipe through the steps mentioned above. But still, if you are facing any difficulty in creating itπŸ˜“ Please ping us on the Live Chat or Email us.
We are always happy to help you😊