Learn: How to set reminder for lead follow up

Timely lead qualification is crucial, so is a timely lead follow up. Now, never miss a lead follow up by setting follow up reminders using Leadzpipe. 

Follow the easy steps to set lead follow-up reminders-

Step 1: After you log in to Leadzpipe, click 'Leads'

Step 2: Now, click the lead name for which you want to set a follow-up reminder

Step 3: Click 'Note/Reminder', as shown in the image below

Step 4: Select the follow-up activity

Step 5: Click 'Set Reminder'

Step 6: Select the date and time on which you need to follow up on your lead and add any additional details which will be helpful in follow-up

Step 7: Check the box next to 'Add to Google Calendar'.

This option will enable you to set a follow-up reminder in your Google Calendar account. And after that, click 'Save'. Now, you have set a reminder for follow up on your lead

We hope that you understood the easy-peasy process of setting lead follow-up reminders in Leadzpipe through the steps mentioned above. But still, if you are facing any difficulty in setting itπŸ˜“ Please ping us on the Live Chat or Email us.
We are always happy to help you😊